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Welcome to the 260 Press Website! We offer technical books in areas such as nuclear testing, safety and industrial issues.

Additionally, we will soon offer books, book chapters and technical information as downloadable pdfs.

On the fiction side we offer two excellent novels--The Atomic Express and Dreamer--and plan to offer more in the near future. Dreamer has finally been translated into Japanese and may even return to the states as an anime! You can find Dreamer in Japanese and English here:

Two-Sixty Press also publishes music! Our very first album, Signal, by singer-songwriter Walt Gerding, was released last year and is doing well. Look for another album in the fall of 2007.

Obsessive, compulsive or just someone with an intense interest? You be the judge. Writer-researcher R. Miller has been interested in America's nuclear testing program for years. In 1986 Macmillan published Under the Cloud, his history book about America's nuclear testing program. For years it was out of print, but you can find it here---with (we think) a better cover. You can also find all kinds of information about what kind of nuclear fallout fell where. Based on the National Cancer Institute's 1997 study, Miller's volumes of The U.S. Atlas of Nuclear Fallout takes it to the next couple of levels. You can get some idea of the technical ground covered by clicking here, here and here.

But this website isn't just about atomic bombs, novels and industrial safety stuff. There's cool panoramac views of places like Cannon Beach Oregon and Mount St. Helens---and even videos of nukes (naturally) and, well, a summer water park. They might take a while to load, but we think they're worth the wait (not long---a couple of minutes max.) More stuff is in the works, including podcasts about music, politics and all the things that make life interesting. Highly recommended.

So there you have it. Nukes, technical industrial stuff, some great novels and even music albums. What more could anyone want? Actually, there's even more---just browse through our menu on the left side of this page. Who knows, you might find something that you can't find anywhere else!

By the way, in the third photo down from the left, the guy sitting on the railroad bridge is the author of our safety book. Go figure.

All our books can be ordered through and we even include links.

Again, navigating this website is easy. Just click on the links on the vertical menu on the left side of this page. We hope you enjoy our site!

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